“Are They Artists?” “No, They’re Just Kids” (via lovemesomebooks)

I’ve been following a couple of blogs as of late, one on religion and the other on books. I thought that this book review was so strong that I had wished that I could start reading the book right away. It is definitely on this years reading list, pretty much as soon as I’m done reading The Fortress of Solitude.

"Are They Artists?" "No, They're Just Kids" Today's Review is Patti Smith's Just Kids, which won the National Book Award for Non-fiction this last year. Smith, as some of you might know, was a pioneering feminist rock star from the 1970s, who became known for her tremendous lyrics and idiosyncratic delivery. When I heard that she had won the National Book Award I sort of paused– how often do Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famers win major literature awards? But I was also intrigued, so I picked up … Read More

via lovemesomebooks


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