Which is worse: graffiti or garbage? (via right in front of me)

The most interesting thing about this blogger’s brief post is that their photograph makes both the combination of graffiti and garbage look artful and beautiful.

Even so, I think that I agree with every thing they wrote, I would choose graffiti over garbage. Garbage is waste and a lack of care for the environment, the planet or even people. I suppose some can say the same for graffiti, but I think if graffiti is any form of wastefulness it is the waste of artistic energy, time and expression maybe even anger and a need for territory, a waste because it was the only place they felt they could be seen. Hey, at least graffiti doesn’t stink or attract rats.

Which is worse: graffiti or garbage? Both are against local bylaws.  Both are frowned upon by the good citizens who pay their taxes and are, by extension, paying for both of them to be cleaned up.  Both can be eyesores, a blight on the visual landscape.  But, if I had to choose, I’d take graffiti over garbage any day of the week.  Let’s be clear here, though, that the graffiti I’m talking about is ART graffiti, not tagging a random wall in a school or bathroom stall with a Sharpie; … Read More

via right in front of me


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