My February in a run down.

Some of you may know that I’d started another blog. It is more of a daily diary entry, and from my basic understanding a little bit of what weblogs used to be with a combination of the old fashion diary.

I started it out of a pure curiosity of what I actually do with my days. The way I feel about my days are they are boring. That I don’t do anything, and I am completely dissatisfied with my life as it is. I am constantly imagining how I can change it. I want to be living the artist’s life, but I don’t think I am an artist. Yet, most of the time I forget at the end of a week what it was that I actually did, so there is no mental record of progress towards my imagined goals or any record that I have even tried to move towards those goals. Most of the time I think I just sit around listening to celebrity gossip go to my lackluster just above minimum wage job and worry about bills all the while watching movies that I wish were my life.

Hence the new blog. Truthfully there are a lot of days of just going to work and going home and a lot about what I eat and what I worry about, but sometimes i see a show or I notice something on the street. I spend a lot of time fixated on current politics and the increasing loss of attention to education, but I’ve kept all of those thoughts out of my daily logs, but they do take up a lot of mental space. I’d rather they didn’t so I could focus on the things I can actually work on and not on the things that are beyond my physical power.

So February was filled with quite a lot in its short 28 days. One thing was that I had a birthday so I am now another year older.

In January I was pretty fixated on my weight and I was recording my weight every day, I don’t think I recorded my weight once in February, and I stopped being so regiment in my diet. I weigh the same.

My sleep didn’t change any. Although I continue to try to go to bed early and wake up early this is not happening. I’m still waking up at 9ish and going to bed any time from midnight to one in the morning.

I had a lot of crazy dreams that I remembered.

I didn’t complain about being depressed as much as I had in January, and I did see my head doctor once. I probably went out and had drinks more than in January, but not much more. I saw three live shows, and went to the art museum, I went to a reading and I met with my new writing coach. I met with my entire Athenaeum class for dinner. We all met with an editor. I wrote an acquaintance of mine at Write Bloody who is a publisher and I went to PSU to talk about their book publishing program. I picked up a writing gig. I joined the IPRC and I worked on my novel more in February than I did in January, which is great, but I need to just finish the damn thing and move onto the next project.

I watched a lot of movies, mostly biopic documentaries, I started several books, but I completed two: The Fortress of Solitude and Just Kids. I did take the time to stretch and focus on my well-being and meditated more (but this is often fleeting).

I kept up on taking terrible phone pictures of tagging and my roommate and I did a photo shoot downtown.

Lastly, It is taking my roommate and I the longest time to complete the series Angel. We have three episodes left and I wouldn’t be surprised if it took us till April to complete it.


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