Reverse Graffiti (via Inspirational Geek)

This is totally cool. I love the creativity, and the effect it has on authority. They remove it because it is graffiti or imagery they don’t like, yet there is no paint just dirt so in effect they are cleaning their city. Brilliant I think.

Is this one of those moments when I could have used effect and affect? I’m going to look it up and have to do an update later: since I am off to work.

Reverse Graffiti For as long as there have been dirty vehicles, people have writing “clean me” on them, but visual artist Alexandre Orion has taken this concept to a new level with his much more creative (and time consuming!) take on ‘reverse graffiti’.  It’s like traditional graffiti, but with an eco twist. Detergents, wire brushes and good ol’ fashion elbow grease replace the spray cans and stencils that we’re used to seeing from graffiti artists, cleaning away … Read More

via Inspirational Geek


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