Query, query, query, query life is but a Dream

I wrote a new query letter. I think a huge part in my hesitation in sending out my novel is that I don’t like my query letter. I don’t think it is a badly written letter, especially since my friend Em-, went over it, and I trust her judgement. It was written how a query letter is supposed to be written. It just wasn’t… right. It didn’t capture the story. In fact, it wasn’t even my voice really. I had tried too hard to write it how I was “supposed to write a proper query letter” that I didn’t capture the story or the voice of the character and the whole thing sounded, well, stupid.

Today I wrote a new one. It isn’t exactly the correct format, but I feel more comfortable with it and I think it tells the idea behind the story better. I feel confident if they reject it they are rejecting it for the right reason (because it doesn’t fit and they don’t think they can sell it) not because I’m trying to sound like some other writer.

What I hated the most about my previous query letter was this line: It is like Eat, Pray, Love meets Trainspotting.

I hated that. Ugh! God! First off I’ve never read Eat, Pray, Love so what do I know. I was just going off what someone else told me it seemed like to them. Trainspotting, I’ve read it, seen the movie, and I have the soundtrack, but the only thing my book has in common is that people do drugs, but not heroin so not a good comparison. I hate the comparison, I know it helps for selling books, and I’m not thinking that I am so unique I don’t sound like anyone else, I just don’t know who I sound like.

Once I get this new letter typed up (I wrote it by hand about ten minutes ago) I’ll send it out again.

Damn what a relief to figure out the problem.


2 thoughts on “Query, query, query, query life is but a Dream

    • Thank you! Congratulations on self-publishing. I think eventually I will take the self-publishing approach, but since this is my first novel I want to experience the rejection process. We’ll see how long that lasts 🙂

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