Query Letter two

This is my second query letter (actually the number is higher, but it is the second not counting all the rewrites for the first one). This one is simple.

Prague coat of arms.

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Annabelle is lost. In two year’s Annabelle will turn thirty, and she hasn’t hit one American woman adult milestone; no house, no career, no car, no husband, no kids, and she didn’t even graduate from college. The worst part? She isn’t certain she wants those things- but what else is there? Fortunately, Annabelle saw this coming, and like any self-respecting citizen, she ran away to the European continent for romance and adventure. Now, four years later, at the edge of the millenium after traveling through nine countries, working several jobs in the black or working on U.S. military bases, Annabelle is as lost as ever, and still doesn’t own a car. Is it time that she returns to the States to suck it up and become a “real” adult or will the mysterious district of Zizkov in the alluring city of Prague help her find what it is that is missing from her life?

Zizkov is my first novel. It is 104,947 words, and based somewhat loosely on my life in Prague. Zizkov is a literary fiction with autobiographical roots, but may also work as women’s travel fiction (if that genre exists).

I’ve recently completed a certificate in the Mastery of Writing from The Attic Institute. I have a B.A in English and writing from Portland State University, and a B.A. in Theatre performance from Chico State University. I am currently working on a second novel (YA fiction) and a play about women beat writers.


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