2012 Not Just an Address

Maya calendar
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The fever of talk about the end of the world approaching with the end of the Mayan calendar sort of fizzled out for me after the summer resurrection  failed to…uh… rise. Not that I was on the bandwagon or RV, but it seemed like the talk of the world ending was at an all time high. Now that 2012 is rapidly approaching, I’m starting to hear another bit of buzz, but what with crazy politics, terrible scandals, and nuclear warheads (enough to make you wonder if maybe it wouldn’t all be better if it just did end) the Mayan calendar hasn’t been top of the trending news. But, I’ve started thinking about it.

I know some people believe this is the end, but other people believe it is a cosmic time when it is our opportunity to reach our highest potential. I tend to think both theories tall tales and paranoia, but some interesting things have been going on for me just in the past week and a half. I’ve been getting some great opportunities for change. I’ve got a non-profit assistant position at a company that reuses and recycles technology, and I’ve been given the title of Alumni Communications assistant at the writing institute where I have volunteered and taken classes. I know that this year 2012 will be important for me because most of these opportunities are temporary, but they hold incredible amounts of potential.

There is enormous unrest all over the world, but none of it frightens me. I think OWS is incredible and is showing the world leaders that people of the world want change, and the change they want is for opportunity to create a better stronger world. Oh sure this could all go to crap and we can all end up in a 2000 version of 1984, or it will be surpressed like the Czech spring of 1968 and then we’ll have, well, 1984; but there is also the chance that something amazing will come out of all of the unrest. This time, in my opinion, is the paradigm shift. It is happening on a personal level and a global level. It is an uncomfortable time filled with fear, but here it is as it always comes. So, I’m trying to take all these changes in stride and I’m trying to hold the opportunities close to me with honor, and I’m keeping my mind clear to think about how I will be and act and motivate during this upcoming year which I think will be an important year for learning.

So if we don’t get hit by a comet, or invaded by aliens, or blown up by bombs, or called for judgement day or all of the above, I think 2013 will hold some tremendous opportunities. Or not. But I plan to keep my head on straight living in each moment while working toward the future every day in 2012.

As far as publishing goes, I haven’t received a rejection letter in a few days, and this weekend I hope to sit down and try and send a few more queries out. Who knows maybe someone will want to publish my book- then I can be a great big sell out! Screw the future- I’m rich! Just kidding.


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