A Rejection Letter

I can’t remember when I was sent this letter. It’s been about a month since I’ve put pen to paper or fingertips to keys. I’ve been going through some working transitions and it has caused me to work four different jobs while trying to move into my newest employment. I’m too tired to write. I know, I don’t have the tenacity it takes to be a “real” writer, but I went to a dinner not to long ago, that was all writers (published writers) and that is what their jobs are: writing and teaching writing. Writing is not my bread and butter, and my bread and butter isn’t much. So, in my defense it is hard to work four jobs, have two days off a month and still manage to have the desire to do anything besides sleep.

Thankfully, one job has finally ended and my evenings will once again open up. I’ll be able to force myself to the table and write again. Till then enjoy this brief rejection letter. It’s a little flat, but polite.

Dear Author,

Thank you for sending us your query. We are unable to ask to see your work as we can only review and take on a few new projects each year. We wish you all the best and thank you for thinking of us.

Wales Literary Agency, Inc.
PO Box 9426
Seattle, Washington 98109


Tel.. 206 284 7114


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