In Other Plans

Coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of Geo...

Coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. Fro ma 1000-rouble banknote (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright so I’m working on researching grad schools, and you may be thinking that that is all that my mind is working on. Oh how wrong you are. I’ve got back up. Kind of.  Have I mentioned before my simple list of life wants?

  1. Novelist
  2. Teaching
  3. Travel
  4. All the things that those three wishes bring like love, experience, joy and all the trials inbetween.

In three days I will be back at my retail job that will be awarding me with a grand and extremely important three days off in a row. I’ve finally come to grips with the truth that to me time is more important than money, and it’s a million times more important to me then status. Since money makes he world go round (Thank you Joel Grey and Liza) i’m not opposed to having some of it especially since it can afford me time, but status or popularity or fame, screeeew that crap give me time. In fact, I did one of those sensory deprovation tanks recently, and I thought to myself, oh yes, I could stay here.

Wow, that was a major tangent, so let me get back to what I plan to do with my precious time aside from looking for the perfect MFA creative writing program that is just dying to accept me, and aside from writing some opus or memoir, great American novel or what not. I’m also applying to teaching overseas jobs. But how? How can I fit the time in? Well, I can’t apply till the winter of 2013 for grad school, and then I can’t go to school until 2014 so that’s basically two years. I need to get out of here and do something in the meantime. I want to teach, I want to travel, and I want to write. Well, writing is up to me, but teaching and traveling, I need to apply to some place. So where would I go?

Georgia.  Georgia the country. The Democratic Republic of Georgia. Why? Because that is where I want to go. I can elaborate more in later posts.


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