The Best Rejection Ever!

Edit Ruthlessly

Edit Ruthlessly (Photo credit: Dan Patterson)

I may have already posted this, but as I had mentioned in a previous post, I have not written in ages, so I can’t remember what I have or have not posted. Regardless, I’m posting this again.

Some of you may know that I completed my first novel last August and that I started the slow process of shopping my book. I will admit I hadn’t shopped very seriously. I only sent the book out to 9 places. All responses were rejections, but I did get some personal messages. This is by far the best news I got out of the small bunch:

Ms Ogin,

Thank you for your submission to Malachite Quills. While your story sounds very interesting, and has potential, it still requires some basic editing before being submitted for publication.

Simply as advice, I would add comas in many places. In addition, too many of the sentences begin with “I.” Lastly the inner voice of the protagonist feels more Czech than American “… If there’s one thing I can’t stand its predators. I’m completely against them.” It is a very subtle thing that is hard to explain, but the voice, especially there, struck me as that of a Czech or German.
I liked the story and the ideas. Hopefully once the work has more development we can take another look at it.
Best regards,
Brian G. Quezada, Malachite Quills Publishing
While I don’t agree with him on the “protagonist sounds more Czech than American,” manly because it is a good thing that the protagonist doesn’t sound American she’s been traveling for four years. Still, it was a very rewarding response, and I decided to take his letter seriously.
Immediately I contacted my friend Cathi who is a professional editor. I asked her how much it would cost for her to edit my novel, and if she would be willing to take on my book as a job.
I don’t have a lot of money, but it seems worth the investment to save up and have my work edited by someone who knows how to edit.
I sent the manuscript to Cathi in February and she is currently working on it. As soon as Cathi and I have worked out the details of making my book more presentable, I will send it back to Malachite Quills, and see what they think. I also think once I have the book’s editing complete then I will send it out to a few more than 9 places. Maybe I’ll go wild and send it out to 10! Just kidding.

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