It all Begins with Quitting

The other day I was listening to an archive of  This American Life and the topic was quitting. The first story was about a woman, Evan Harris, who wanted to quit everything. Quit her job, her city, her boyfriend, everything, but she didn’t know how to go about it. One day while at work she was alphabetizing files with a co-worker they began talking about the letter Q. Evan felt it was a misplaced letter in the alphabet and, oddly, that was the moment her life changed. I wont say more- you really should go listen to it for yourself, but I have decided that I love this woman. The fact that she felt that the letter q was in the wrong place is enough to fall in love, but her philosophy on quitting sealed the deal. She had created a zine which I’m not too sure if is still in circulation, but I’ve decided to hit up the IPRC on Monday and check out their zine library to see if they have the Quitters Quarterly, and find out what it’s all about. Speaking of quitting I have set my final work date and it’s so close, yet so far. Right now I think I NEED to read the Quitters Quarterly.

A friend of mine had been talking to me about his need to get rid of things, he wanted to take things away from his life. As he told it he felt like maybe this wasn’t a good thing as he continues to see all these people adding things. I agree with the first half of his thoughts. I think the taking away is exactly what I’m looking for the whole, less is more theory. I’m seeing things like taking away, quitting, and cleaning it all out as very good things. But this is all hard things to do. Even when you feel like you have cleansed or quit or moved on sometimes all the things you had been trying to shed creep up back on you.

My last day with the software company Jive is September 15th, 2008. So as of today I begin my count down to what I call my writer’s world. 49 days till writers world. My idea is that on the 15th of September I wake up and start my new day at my new job of being a writer. Till then there are little things I need to clear out of the way to simplify my mind. One is the studio, I need to clean it out. I’m quitting a full-time job, one of the best pays I’ve ever had, and I’m working toward convincing myself it’s all a great idea. That everything is going to work out.

Everything is going to work out.