This is Leta1950

This blog has gone through many transitions, perhaps it is a true reflection of the transitions of my life. It will go through many more, I assume.

I started this blog in 2008 when I had quit my first and only “real” job. A job with security, pensions, 401K the whole American Dream. I had quit this opportunity of security in order to pursue writing. I was determined to be a writer, and that is what this blog was originally about; writing. If you were to explore the archives you would see that every post is about struggling to be a writer, and the challenges of being unemployed and still trying to complete a novel.

Eight years later, I still have the blog, but I no longer talk about being a writer. At least not in the same way. Since the day I quit, the same day the stock market crashed, things have been anything but easy, but no one said life was going to be easy. Still, I did manage to finish that novel. I also moved several times, joined a theatre troupe, and traveled as an actress across Canada in the Canadian Fringe Festival. I moved to China and became a literature teacher, and I moved to Prague where I received my TEFL and worked as an ESL instructor. I’ve taught and had conversation courses with students in Poland and Slovakia.

This blog is me moving toward being who I really am, and that is what I am on the journey to discover. What we are doing right now is finding a way to travel and a way to write, a way to find adventure and love in this life. No one ever said life was easy, but no one ever said it couldn’t be beautiful and joyful.

The last words my grandmother said to me on her death bed were: “Whatever you do in this life, have fun”.

I’m taking her advice as we all should.


4 thoughts on “This is Leta1950

  1. Thank you for the like and the follow, it is very encouraging. Terry.
    P.S. If the answer to this question is yes then you are a writer and not a hobbyist……………. do you have to write?

    • This is a tricky answer for me. Do I have to write? Have to? It’s more like I can’t help it. If I’m not writing stories or poems, which I want to write, but often don’t, I journal. I write in my journal almost daily which is why I don’t always blog. So yes, I have to write. But, when I think about the play I want to write, and the adaptation I want to write, or the poems in my head, and all of the short stories, and the next novel, all the stuff that wont come out because I think about how no one will ever read them- I feel comfortable with my writing as a hobby idea. I hope it will trick me into writing all of my ideas. I don’t know if that makes any sense.
      Thanks Terry. I look forward to reading more of your posts, and thanks for liking my Zizkov excerpt. I really appreciate that- talk about encouraging.

  2. Adrienna,
    various google searches led me to your blog and I’m grateful for it. I really love your haunting video of Sue as well as your letters from an old friend section…she was incredibly special to me…an unofficial godmother (she hated that term) to my son. Will you send me an email? Would love to back channel a few things. PS also saw your post on Pollock. The Krasner bio is just out and it is fantastic. Warmly, Aby

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